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Put any Mathematical signs and get 6.

Put Any Mathematical signs and get 6:
1 1 1 = 6
2 2 2 = 6
3 3 3 = 6
4 4 4 = 6
5 5 5 = 6
6 6 6 = 6
7 7 7 = 6
8 8 8 = 6
9 9 9 = 6

Chain and Nail Puzzle

There is a chain nailed to the wall. The chain is 10 feet long and the center of the chain dips down 5 feet from where each side of the chain is nailed to the wall. How far are the 2 ends of chain from each other?

Band around the Earth Puzzle

The circumference of the Earth is approximately 40,000 kilometers, and someone has just made a metal band that circles the Earth, touching the ground at all locations. You come along at night, as a practical joke, and add just 10 meters to its length (one hundredth of one kilometer !) It is now one four-millionth longer, and sits magically just above the ground at all locations How far has it risen ... could a flea, a rabbit or even a man squeeze underneath it?

Grandpa's Age Puzzle

Two boys don't know age of each other, one day they met grandpa and asked him about his age. Grandpa said:"The addtion of digit in tens place and the digit in ones place of my age is equal to the subtraction of digit in the tens place and the digit in ones place of age of one of you." The two guys thought hard, but didn't figure it out. The second day, they came to ask grandpa again, grandpa said:"My age is equal to the multiplication of the addition and subtraction of your ages." The two guys could not figure it out. The third day, they came to grandpa, grandpa said:"My age = (age of one of you)*7 - (age of the other)*4" The two poor boys still could not figure it out, the forth day, grandpa said:"One of you, whose age I didn't refer to in the first day, exchange his age's digit in tens place with digit in ones place, then minus the addition of the digit in tens place and the digit in ones place, the result is equal to my age." Can you figure out grandpa's age?

Bird flying in a square

People A,B,C,D, each is at each edge of a square, the square side is 100 meter. A moves to B, B moves to C, C moves to D, D moves to A at speed 1m/s. Simultaneously a bird flies from A to B, then to C, then to D, then to A and so on. The bird meets D for the first time at the 30 second, when will it meet D for the third time?

A lady buys goods worth Rs 200 from a shop..

A lady buys goods worth Rs 200 from a shop (whose shopkeeper is selling the goods with zero profit). The lady gives him a Rs 1000 note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop, keeps Rs 200 for himself, and returns Rs 800 to the lady.
Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the Rs 1000 note saying "duplicate" and takes his money back. How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face?

Weighing the Baby Puzzle

How much does the baby weigh if the mother weighs 100 pounds more than the combined weight of the baby and the dog, and the dog weighs 60 percent less than the baby? Provided the combined weight of all 3 is 170 pounds.

Birth Probability

There is a country where everyone wants a boy. Every family continue to have babies till a boy is born. If the probability of having a girl or a boy is the same, what is the proportion of boys to girls after some time in that country ?

What Comes in Place of "?" mark ?

What Comes in Place of "?" mark.
? T T F F
Answer is not "E"

100 people standing in a circle in an order 1 to 100

100 people standing in a circle in an order 1 to 100. No.1 has a sword. He kills next person (i.e.no. 2 )and gives sword to next to next (i.e no.3). All person does the same until only 1 survives. Which number survives at the last?

Deductive Math Problem

There is a non vegetarian restaurant which sells chicken pieces in orders of 6, 9 and 20. Calculate the maximum number of chicken pieces you cannot order from that restaurant ?

Classic Logic Puzzle

If the puzzle you solved before you solved the puzzle you solved after you solved the puzzle you solved before you solved this one, was harder than the puzzle you solved after you solved the puzzle you solved before you solved this one, was the puzzle you solved before you solved this one harder than this one?

Sherlock Holmes Riddles

Sherlock breaks into a crime scene. The victim is the owner who is
slumped dead on a chair and have a bullet hole in his head. A gun lies on the floor and a cassette recorder is found on the table.
On pressing the play button, Sherlock hears the message
'I have committed sins in my life and now I offer my soul to the
great lord'....following a gunshot.
Sherlock smiles Of-course its a murder.

Why did he think so?

English word with all vowels

What English word contains all the vowels a-e-i-o-u in alphabetical order ?

Month Puzzle - Decode the number

Here is a list showing the month and a number for each

january = 73
February = 83
March = 51
April = 52
May = 31
June = 42
July = 41
August = 63

Decipher the logic and find the number for September = ?

Intelligent Trader with 3 Sacks and 90 Coconuts

An intelligent trader travels from 1 place to another carrying
3 sacks having 30 coconuts each. No sack can hold more
than 30 coconuts. On the way he passes through 30 checkpoints
and on each checkpoint he has to give 1 coconut for each sack he is carrying. Maximum how many coconuts he can save when he reach last check point.

How old are John and Julia?

Julia is as old as John will be when Julia is twice as old as John was when Julia's age was half the sum of their present ages. John is as old as Julia was when John was half the age he will be 10 years from now. How old are John and Julia?

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